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*Inspiration * Motivation * Application*

Melanie Stewart is an engaging, motivational and dynamic speaker who provides an empowering education that will leave your audience informed, inspired and on the road to Positive Health!

Nutrition education is a means to a goal.

Improve employee performance, reduce sick days, lower your insurance premiums and increase productivity by taking advantage of this fun and informative wellness seminar and workshop!



I am an experienced educator, counselor/coach, author and public speaker specializing in the Human Digestive System and the Science of Trophology.

(Tropho - from the Greek "Trophe" meaning nourishment)

*Improved cholesterol ratios

  and triglyceride levels 

*Reduced markers for inflammation 

*Weight loss

*Reduction in the need for                     medications

*Stabilized blood sugar levels

*Reversal of the disease process

Corporate Wellness Seminar

Ensure the health of your business by improving the health of your team. This 90 minute presentation includes topics that will keep your audience engaged including:

Nutrition 101

It's not only what you eat, if you are not absorbing the nutrients from the food YOU ARE AT RISK!  

Learn tips and techniques that will make you feel great while you maximize your health and minimize your waistline!


Understanding Digestion

No matter how serious the message, it goes down a bit easier when it's fun!  Melanie will keep you on the edge of your seat as she takes you on a ride through your digestive system.  Covering the basics of human digestion in a fun and meaningful way helps to bridge the gap between external choices and internal results.    


Meal Planning

Many of us were taught to include every food group at every meal.  This a digestive nightmare! 

It requires just a bit of rearranging to work with our perfectly designed system and, fortunately, it's easy!

This presentation is a call to action! People don't just listen, they get emotionally connected, excited and ready to change.  How do we know?  

"The lunch and learn session was a great success.  My colleagues laughed while learning how to improve their health.  Melanie is an engaging speaker and is able to easily communicate complex nutritional information into practical and easy action steps." 

- Susan S. (Vanderbilt University)


“Melanie has a great way of introducing nutrition in small bits so you can build on the information rather than be overwhelmed and quit.” - Jodie D.  (Pre-K teacher/special education)

"There is finally hope...I had given up with dieting and exercise because nothing worked any more at this age. You have given me hope again with positive changes in my body and lifestyle. Thankfully, I was willing to try one more time by joining your class. Wow, it is working and I am encouraged!" - Pat C. (retired)

“Although I did not measure before the session, my scales say down 10 lbs and I can tell a difference in my clothes. An additional advantage is that I met more of my colleagues during this session than I have during all the years I have worked here.”

- Linda G. (Human Resources)

“Mel really knows her stuff and does a superb job communicating and encouraging. I deeply enjoy the group dynamic of the workshop and recommend participation by both men and women.” - Rick W. (Business Owner)

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Disclaimer: The information you find here at Yum Tum Nutrition, LLC is meant to help you become more proactive about your health! This site is primarily for sharing information about food, food preparation, nutrient data, and the physiological mechanisms of digestion. It's not meant to give medical advice or to make any health claims on the prevention or curing of diseases. This site is only for informational and educational purposes. Please discuss with your own, qualified health care provider before adding in supplements or making any changes in your diet.

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