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One of the main things I've observed during my career as a nutrition educator is that we need better education sooner. What is currently being taught in our schools is inadequate, still largely incorrect in many ways and not very helpful.

Our children are taught, every year, to include EVERY food group at EVERY meal. Not only is this a digestive nightmare, it makes it very difficult to identify a problem. Still, education is a first step because when you know better you can do better.

Fortunately, it requires just a bit of rearranging to work with our perfectly designed system, resulting in more efficient digestion and improved nutrient absorption.

And, speaking of nutrients, no baby comes into this world knowing all of the food options available. They know ONLY what their parents provide or model. If you are not eating properly, it is a tough sell to get your kids to eat well.

Need some help?

I have written two children's books and a handy reference book explaining nutrition fundamentals centered around the basics of human digestion and the essentials of healthy eating. Yum Tum For Dad and Mum! (also titled Yum Tum, For Everyone!) provides enough information to elicit immediate changes, supported by simple science and easy action steps. All without overwhelming the reader!

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