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Beyond the Scale

I have yet to meet the person for whom life has provided no challenges. And I have yet to meet the person with whom I would be willing to trade lives.

Certainly, there are situations that appear unbearable, unfairly worse than my own, that elicit feelings of compassion, empathy, selfish gratitude, even secret relief. But even for people whose conditions appear better, easier, luckier or happier than mine, there's always that one caveat that relieves me to know – there are no trades.

I have come to believe that life equips us individually and specifically for that which we must endure and overcome. In that light, our obstacles can be viewed as tailor made for our personal growth and development, a means of exposing dormant greatness even. The good and the bad of it is – there is no crystal ball allowing us a glimpse into our future.

In fact, it's looking back in hindsight that provides us the clearest view of the

Divine Choreography that reveals just how capable we really are.

While there are several ways to deal with challenges, the most personally profitable is to invest some amount of time learning something new that will help you succeed. In the end, it is always to your benefit because now you know something you didn't know before! For weight loss clients this has been my strongest tool. Rather than just telling them WHAT to do, I teach them WHY they should.

As adults, we often struggle with habits we developed earlier in life. And, we tend to concern ourselves almost exclusively with what we see on the outside. What we need is an intimate connection to what's going on inside for it is there that we find the cumulative effects of our daily choices – often long after serious damage has been done.

A healthy weight is definitely important

but being truly healthy goes well beyond the number on the scale.

Being truly healthy includes:

  • having a clear mind and energy for the day

  • healthy cholesterol ratios and low markers of internal inflammation

  • healthy triglyceride and glucose levels

  • having the knowledge and the confidence to do the right thing

  • knowing you have done all you could and should to achieve positive health from the inside out

  • looking in the mirror and feeling happy and grateful to be YOU

  • achieving AND MAINTAINING a healthy weight

How much of your joy have you lost thinking, if only? How many times have you swung that pendulum from feeling really committed to change, to really disappointed with your lack of permanent progress? Before you ever again say, That's just how I am or I can't change know this:

You are capable of virtually anything!!

(I accomplished this pose at age 49!)

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