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Your Perfect You

Let's talk about healthy self love for a minute.

Have you ever found yourself in the “if/only” trap? If only I wasn't this and I was that. If only I could lose 5, 10 or 100 pounds. If only I could keep it off! If only my fanny was firmer, my belly was flatter, my thighs were thinner, my muscles were stronger...THEN I would be happy.

Comparing yourself to others, or even to a former version of yourself, can leave you feeling alternately committed to change or defeated by your lack of progress. When our minds are busy circulating thoughts about flaws, failures or any other negative self talk about bad habits or less than perfect body parts, we are wasting precious time and losing JOY.

I want to challenge you: If you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern, stop... and remind yourself: You are a deliberately designed and engineered miracle!...with a body that has specific internal programming. What your body needs is REAL foods eaten the RIGHT WAY and you can look your best and feel your best at ANY age. And fortunately, it's actually easy!

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