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Your Forgotten Genius

When was the last time you knew that you were a genius? Have you ever known that you are a genius? A Harvard University study measured the creative modalities of babies and found that 99.5% of babies scored on the level of genius. You too were born a genius. And yet when measured at age five, only 20% of children still scored at the genius level. By the age of 20 the number dropped to just 2%. Somewhere along the way, we've forgotten who we really are... a genius.

Our bodies, at a cellular level, are genius defined: exceptionally intellectual with creative power and natural ability. That's you and that's me. Every cell in your body is a thinking cell with the ability to communicate (exceptionally intellectual), programmed to reproduce itself (creative power) and knows exactly how to do what it is supposed to do (natural ability). Every cell in your body has this ability just as much as the ones in your brain. This is why you get a “gut feeling” or the hair stands up on the back of your neck sensing danger of which you are not yet consciously aware.

Those gut feelings come from our intuition, that voice that empowers us to know what without necessarily knowing why. It's the ideas we have that express our genius and we all have it. We just don't always act on it or even trust it. Maybe you have some great ideas but you convince yourself they're not great at all. In fact, they're not even good. You forgot you are a genius.

Your imagination is where your genius is free to express itself. Nothing would exist in our world save for the minds of the ones who imagined it into being. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Unfortunately, your imagination can also provide you with plenty of pictures of what can go wrong. When you find yourself paying more attention to the things that can go wrong instead of to the things being created, you'll forget you are a genius.

You may have heard that perception is reality. If you perceive something is great, then it is; if you perceive it is bad, then it is. Our power of perception, however, is really the ability to see reality beyond that which it appears to be. We are notified that something is good or bad by a learned internal voice of judgment. Rooted in sensory conditioned thinking, this voice “speaks from experience” and often seems to make a valid point. But this voice is limited because it cannot see beyond that which appears to be. When you listen too closely to the internal voice of judgment you cannot remember you are a genius.

In a perfect world we would engage our will and focus on our ideas or our dreams without distraction. We would pull forward the memories that show us all we have accomplished and we would go with confidence in the direction of our dreams. More often, though, we are easily distracted by that internal voice with quicker access to the memories that show us why we will likely fail. Again.

You are a genius. Can you remember? Change your thinking and you change your reality!

No matter where you are now, your true nature is stronger than any circumstances you are facing. Why not try trusting your intuition when it brings you a big idea and allow your imagination to create freely and without restrictions? Quiet that internal voice of judgment while focusing your attention on your objectives until you see reality for what it is: Whatever you want it to be! Engage your will to focus without distraction and pull forward the memories that scream “YOU WERE BORN A GENIUS”! What you contribute matters and will benefit all of us and we need it. We need you. Don't forget: YOU ARE A GENIUS!


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