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The secret to choosing your foods correctly is found in understanding the difference between LIVE foods and DEAD foods. LIVE foods contain enzymes that help facilitate their own digestion. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt or kefir, and all raw foods are LIVE foods. Live foods are nutrient rich, easy to digest and are alkalizing to your system.

DEAD foods, as you might have guessed, are devoid of enzyme activity and thus rely exclusively on our bodies to provide the enzymes necessary for their digestion. Packaged and processed foods, junk foods, most fast foods, fried foods and some cooked foods fall into this category. A DEAD food dominated diet is both exhausting to your system and damaging to your organs. DEAD foods are largely devoid of nutrients, more difficult to digest and are acidifying to your system.

So, if choosing correctly is simply a matter of eating less DEAD/acidifying foods and more LIVE/alkalizing foods, what’s the problem?

Without exaggeration, there are many people who consume zero LIVE foods for days and even weeks at a time; the results of which show up in the classroom as bad behavior or poor performance and at the doctor's office as illness! If your day begins with something like pop tarts, frozen waffles or refined cereal and ends with dinner pulled through a window or delivered in a box, chances are it’s DEAD food dominated!

A daily diet that includes 75%, or more, acidifying DEAD foods contributes to poor health, low energy, mood and behavioral disorders, all the while encouraging the development and growth of every preventable disease.

The bottom line: the health of your body depends on an alkaline environment while disease states thrive in an acid environment. Rather than thinking of hunger simply in terms of “time to eat," consider it more as a request from your body for nutrients. By choosing nutrient dense LIVE foods, you satisfy the request. On the other hand, eating nutrient free processed, packaged, high sugar, junk foods and fast foods, a.k.a. DEAD foods, leaves your body starving for nutrients.

What does a starving body do? It keeps asking for more food! It CRAVES. No matter how much you eat, if your body is not absorbing the nutrients from the food, assuming there are actually nutrients present in the food, it will keep asking for more food!

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